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Review on Reflection Pond

I received this book from a giveaway on Goodreads and since I'm a nice person, I'm gonna write a review on it. So, here we go!
I received and read... Reflection Pond by Kacey Vanderkarr

Reflection Pond (Reflection Pond, #1)

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: April 1st, 2014
Sometimes you find home, sometimes it comes looking for you.

Callie knows a lot more about pain than she does about family. She’s never belonged, at least, not until she falls through a portal into her true home. The beautiful faerie city of Eirensae doesn’t come free. Callie must find her amulet and bind herself to the city, and most importantly, avoid the Fallen fae who seek her life. Seems like a small price to pay for the family she’s always wanted.

Then she meets cynical and gorgeous Rowan, who reads the darkness of her past in her eyes. He becomes Callie’s part-time protector and full-time pain in the ass. He has secrets of his own for Callie to unravel. What they don’t know is that the future of Eirensae lies with them, and the once peaceful city is about to become a battleground for power.

My rating: 4 out of 5 faeries!
My recommendation: Anyone who likes books about faeries!
My review:
My copy was provided by Goodreads.
Callie never felt as if she belonged. She moved from foster family to foster family, never really fitting in or never really knowing who she is. But when she falls into a pond that is actually a portal to a whole new world, Callie learns who she really is.
Callie is transported to the faerie city called Eirensae. Callie learns she's actually a faerie and she even has a sister. But the price to her new home is grave as she must find an amulet every faerie must search for and avoid the Fallen who want to kill Callie because of her powers. On her side, Callie has her sister, Ash, and her protector, Rowan who is a major pain. Callie must find her amulet before the Fallen find her and before civil war breaks out in the city of Eirensae.
This book was definitely original. The falling-into-a-pond-that-is-actually-a-portal was definitely new and so was the different take on faeries. In most books, faeries look like humans except for having wings and pointed ears, but in this book, there are different clans of faeries and each faerie looks drastically different like some of them are blue. The new insight to fae folklore was different and I enjoyed it a lot. There was so much I wanted to learn and while the book didn't reveal all the history of the faeries, it did leave me with questions I hope the next book will answer.
I could not put this book down. Reflection Pond didn't have the high school drama most YA books have. There wasn't a mean girl or jocks that create a major problem for Callie. The book wasn't a cliché that so many books are nowadays. The fantasy in the book really made it come alive and awakened the mind. I had to stretch my imagination to understand what was going on. While some parts were a bit confusing, the explanations made the book easier to understand.
The complex love triangle wasn't stupid and cliché. Callie didn't agonize over who she loved during the whole book. The main focus was Callie learning how to use her powers and how she could become stronger. The romance was only a small part in the book, but it was definitely strong. I loved the chemistry between Callie and Rowan. It really came alive and I could just feel the sexual tension between the two. Their witty banter was cute and made the relationship seem more real. And Rowan wasn't this perfect bad boy. He had his own fears and problems, his own complex past. He certainly wasn't perfect, but neither was Callie.
There were some slow parts in the book and there was this one problem I didn't get. There were no mention of the parents of any of the fae and I would think that since Callie never knew her real parents, she would want to look for them and learn more about them. Yet Callie never questioned where they were and never wanted to know more about them.
This book was so unique and I can't wait to read the next book and learn the answers to my questions.

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