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Review on Darkside Sun

What would you do if you lost time? Like one minute you're getting ready for a class and then the next minute it turns out six hours passed and you have no idea what happened. You didn't move or anything, but somehow six hours went by without you noticing. Isn't that terrifying? Well, that's what Addison suffered through as she has the ability to bend reality.
I read... Darkside Sun by Jocelyn Adams

Darkside Sun (Mortal Machine, #1)

Format: E-book
Pub. Date: March 10th, 2014
A new adult novel from Entangled's Embrace imprint...

The dead have been waiting for her...

Addison Beckett tries hard to pretend she’s normal, but she’s far from it. Since she was six years old, she’s seen the world around her unraveling, as if someone is pulling a thread from a sweater and it’s all slowly coming undone. When she ignores it, it goes away, so that’s what she does.

Enter her arrogant-but-hot professor Asher Green. He knows all about her special brand of crazy. In fact, he might be just as nuts as she is. Asher insists that the dead from a parallel dimension are trying to possess the living in this one. And since Addison seems to be the only one who can see these “wraiths,” she just might be the key to saving the world.

Addison wants nothing to do with Asher or his secret society, The Mortal Machine. But as their animosity grows, she finds it harder and harder to ignore the chemistry between them. And when she discovers that Machine laws forbid her from touching him, she realizes that’s all she wants to do.

Stop the wraiths. Break the rules. Save the world. All in a day’s work.

Normal was overrated, anyway.

My rating: 3 out of 5 books!
My recommendation: Anyone who likes New Adult books with secret societies!
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Addison tries to pretend she's normal even though she's the farthest thing from it. She doesn't look weird or say random things at weird times. What she does is a little weirder than that. Addison possesses the ability to alter reality. She can unravel her world to be able to see the dead from a parallel world that want to possess the bodies of the living. Of course, Addison didn't know anything about what she saw until she met her professor, Asher. Asher belongs to a society that fights against the dead, a society called the Mortal Machine.
All Addison has ever wanted was to be normal and be with her dad, but when she isn't given a choice, she must cooperate if she wants to be with her father again. Addison must learn how to control her powers and avoid touching Asher even though all she wants to do is touch him.
This book sounded really good, but it was a little too weird for me. It was definitely original, but I had no idea what was happening in the beginning of the book. What Addison experienced didn't give me nearly enough details to fully comprehend what was happening to her. You would think that if you suddenly lose a good half hour, you would be panicking and going to the hospital instead of rushing to a class.
Addison seemed like a cliché to me. Like most female main characters, she claims she isn't that attractive even though she's totally gorgeous. She's always thinking that she isn't hot enough for a man who looks like Asher when you know every guy is lusting after her. Instead of embracing her ability which is much stronger than everyone else's, she hides herself and doesn't admit that she is different, but different in the way that she can help others with her ability. She's always fighting against her ability and she never sees that what she can do can save lives, save her family and friends. Addison never tries to accept her ability and herself as a person.
The way Asher treated Addison at times seemed incredibly rude. I know he was trying to get Addison to hate him, but guys should realize that if you treat a girl cruelly, some of them will keep coming back for more.
The story, especially the other dimension aka the Shift were really confusing to me. I wish the author went into more detail about it and how it works and why only a small amount of people even know about it.
What I did like was how interesting and refreshing this book is. It's not one of those regular books. It makes you think and wonder what exactly is going on in the world Addison lives in. The ending was awesome and it definitely makes me want to read the next book. The combination between sci-fi and the paranormal was a perfect fit and I can't wait to read more from this author.

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