Monday, October 24, 2011

I Just Read a Book!

I like the cover, it tells you what the book is about in the interesting cover though I do like the other one better. Which do you like the best?
Well, I just read another book (I have a goal to read one book everyday, good for getting ARC's, hint, hint) and it was okay, kinda meh and and kinda interesting. Well, here it is!
The Glass Swallow by Julia Golding- Rain has a secret that threatens her whole world.
Hardcover- $17.99. Companion novel to Dragonfly. (note: you do not have to read Dragonfly to read this book. I didn't even know it was a companion book until I finished this book. I didn't notice anything that would have been mentioned before in the other book except the last two pages or something. Still, reading Dragonfly might help you understand this book more.
Blurb- Rain designs exquisite stained glass for the windows of her city. But the law is clear: it is forbidden for girls to be a part of the glassmaker's guild. To keep her secret hidden, Rain leaves home and travels to a strange new country. Her trip becomes a nightmare when bandits attack and she is abandoned to a society on the brink of disaster. To survive, she must discover new strengths in herself and seek out the other people that this society has scorned, including a young falconer who is one of the "untouchables."
I give this book 3/5 stars.
The beginning was boring with all this society and politic talk with all kinds of stupid rules. I mean, seriously, who isn't allowed to touch a dog because they think it's dirty? Hello, dogs have cleaner tongues than people! Besides the beginning being boring, there was absolutely no build up for the romance inside the novel. There was nothing, no spark, no nothing with Rain's feelings, she barely knew the guy (no spoilers here), but then she was suddenly in love with him.
This book left off for a couple of months before settling in after awhile which is disappointing when you don't know what happened in that short amount of time skipped in the book. Also, the women have no rights at all which freaking annoys me! Power to the women, guess who has been getting higher grades? Yeah, women. In the end of the book, it states "ten months later". I hate when books say that! I like to create my own happy ending of the future without the author telling me what is going to happen! Jeez, it's like when movies give you characters so unlike what you imagined the characters to be in your mind (especially when the guy was hot in your mind and definitely not in the movie).
 Yeah, so if you like all that politic talk and a little romance strewn in around the government talk, this book would be for you. I'm not trying to be picky, but I would still like to read Julia Golding's companion novel, Dragonfly. Who knows, maybe it will be better than this one. Don't judge an author by just one book.

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