Monday, October 24, 2011

For It's a Wonderful Monday Morning!

For it's a wonderful Monday morning! For it's a wonderful Monday morning! Hello, world! I am way too hyper on a Monday morning while many people are grumbling about being out of bed. Well, no worries here! I'm here to help you, haters of Monday and lovers of books, to wake you up with some helpful cheer! I will list some 2012 books to help you feel the light of next year and make you pine for more. Hopefully, before the world ends, you will be able to read some of these fabulous books. So, here we goooo!!!
Under the Never SkyThe Gathering Storm (Katerina Alexandrovna, #1) The Other Life Love? MaybeScarlet Harbinger  Cinder (Lunar Chronicles, #1) Stolen Away Dragonswood Irises
Irises-Francisco X. Stork- Hardcover- $11.53 at B@N- January 1st This book will make you love your sister even more than before (if you ever did). Get it!
Dragonswood- Janet Lee Carey- Hardcover- $11.98 at B@N- January 5th- Fairies, witches, humans, oh my! Makes me want to meet the mysterious guy with the sword. *Swoon*.
Stolen Away- Alyxandra Harvey- Hardcover- Unavailable price at B@N- January 17th Fairies are awesome! Plop down with this book (avoid the iron) with some popcorn and you're ready to go!
Cinder- Marissa Meyer- Hardcover- $10.98 at B@N- January 3rd Cyborgs, you can never get enough of those sci-fi creatures. Cinderella, meet Cinder, a cyborg who could beat up your butt! Oh yeah!
Scarlet- A.C- Gaughen- Hardcover- $10.84 at B@N- February 14th Robin Hood as a girl! Power to the women!
Harbringer- Sara Wilson Etienne- Hardcover- $11.98 at B@N- February 2nd. Nightmares and visions, killers and blood. Besides that, the cover is awesome!
Love? Maybe- Heather Hepler- Hardcover- $11.98 at B@N- January 5th. I love love! This sounds so cute for a hopeless romantic like me who can't get a date! Sit down with a box of chocolates and read this!
The Other Life- Susanne Winnacker- Paperback- No available $ at B@N- February 1st Zombies, while personally, I think they're not as good as unicorns, can still pack a punch, or just bite your head.
Under the Never Sky- Veronica Rossi- Hardcover- $10.98 at B@N- February 7th This book just sounds awesome! Who wants to go to the Death Shop? Well, who wants to just read this book? Me!
The Gathering Storm- Robin Bridges- Hardcover- $11.98 at B@N- January 10th Russia! I would not like to go there in the winter, but I love the furry hats! I want one!

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