Thursday, March 6, 2014

Review on Donna of the Dead

Who likes zombies? Who thinks that they can survive the zombie apocalypse? I mean, you need a ton of guns, weapons, maybe an axe, and tons of food.
Zombies are popular nowadays, rivaling with vampires. The theory on zombies can actually be true. It just hasn't happened yet. Spooky, huh?
This book I read, Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper, is full of wit and feelings as she deals with zombies and cheerleaders.

Donna of the Dead

Format: E-book
Pub. Date: March 4th, 2014
Donna Pierce might hear voices, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. Probably.

The voices do serve their purpose, though—whenever Donna hears them, she knows she’s in danger. So when they start yelling at the top of their proverbial lungs, it’s no surprise she and her best friend, Deke, end up narrowly escaping a zombie horde. Alone without their families, they take refuge at their high school with the super-helpful nerds, the bossy class president, and—best of all?—Liam, hottie extraordinaire and Donna’s long-time crush. When Liam is around, it’s easy to forget about the moaning zombies, her dad’s plight to reach them, and how weird Deke is suddenly acting toward her.

But as the teens’ numbers dwindle and their escape plans fall apart, Donna has to listen to the secrets those voices in her head have been hiding. It seems not all the zombies are shuffling idiots, and the half-undead aren’t really down with kids like Donna…

My rating: 5 out of 5 zombies!
My recommendation: Anyone who wants to read about zombies.
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Donna is a regular teenage girl. She has a crush on the hottest school and she has a guy best friend that may or may not be in love with her. When Donna and Deke, the best friend, go on a cruise with Donna's family, it just seems like it'll be a fun little vacation where the two can hang out while everyone else is at school.
On the news, it shows that a new virus has come about and it's quickly spreading around the world, but Donna doesn't really care about it. Except when Donna's voices tell her to run. She has voices that speak up in times of danger and when her voices tell her to run, she does. Because it turns out this virus has turned everyone to zombies and Donna and Deke must get off the boat and manage to survive on land.
They reach their high school and are trapped inside with Donna's crush, nerds, and cheerleaders. Donna has to survive and learn what these voices mean before the zombies come for her. She also has to figure out her feelings for both Liam and Deke.
This book was so hilarious. Donna's witty jokes had me laughing out loud at some points. What I didn't like about her was how shallow she seemed to be in the beginning. She would rather save herself than others, but that is typical to what others would act like if they're being attacked by zombies. She really grew as a person over the course of the book. She became stronger and instead of being a wimp, she saved people and would do anything to help her friends. Even though she thought of herself as being useless, she never gave up and never stopped believing her father would come for her.
The love triangle in the book wasn't annoying where there are two guys fighting over one girl who just can't choose one guy. Deke was adorable and I love how he likes Donna, but Donna is too dense to see it. Yet when she felt the passion for Liam, there was always that one spark in her that burned for Deke. Deke was devoted to Donna and even though he was surrounded by cheerleaders, he stuck by Donna and loved her the whole time.
This book was definitely original. The virus infecting people wasn't, but the way the virus and the zombies were portrayed kept this book from sounding boring. It was very fast paced and never had a dull moment. Donna of the Dead was action packed and kept me on my toes the whole time. There were twists and turns that I wasn't expecting at all and I loved them. When I finished the book, I could hardly believe it was over. I can't wait to read the sequel.

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