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Review on Aspen

Anyone here hate their hair? Yeah, I know, it's a weird question, especially on a book blog. But do you? Is it too straight? Is it too curly? Or do you just hate the color of it? So many women spend hours, probably days every year fixing their hair. Hair salons make a ton of money out of people who aren't satisfied with their hair. I'm one of the suckers not satisfied with my hair, but why can't we just accept who we are? It's one of the great mysteries of women!
Okay, enough talk about hair. The book I read is called... Aspen by Rebekah Crane!
(You will understand about the hair once you see the cover)


Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: June 5th, 2014
One quiet night in Boulder, Colorado, Aspen Yellow-Sunrise Taylor made a mistake.

In the next instant, her life changed forever.

Aspen doesn't want to remember the devastating car accident that killed Katelyn Ryan, a sleek-haired popular soccer player. But forgetting is hard-- because Katelyn may have died -- but she didn't leave. Her ghost is following Aspen around, and heading into senior year, it's kind of a problem. Especially when Katelyn's gorgeous former boyfriend Ben appears to be the only person at school with a clue as to how Aspen feels.

Popularity, college, Homecoming Court, hot guys - none of these things ever mattered to Aspen. She's been busy trying to rein in her giant mass of blonde curls, keep her stoner mother Ninny away from Toaster, her mom's awful bongo drumming boyfriend, and prevent her best friends Kim and Cass from killing - or kissing - one another. But with Ben sitting next to her in Physics looking all too gorgeous, Katelyn's spirit dogging her steps, and her obsessive snow-globe collecting therapist begging her to remember all the things she wants to forget, Aspen is thrust into a vivid, challenging world she can't control … and doesn't want to.

A darkly funny, emotionally gripping story of opening up, letting go, and moving on, ASPEN is about the best-worst accident of your life ... and what comes next.

My rating: 5 out of 5 perms!
My recommendation: Anyone in the mood for a fun book with ghosts!
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Aspen used to be a nobody at school. No one knew her name and the only way people recognized her was her crazy hair. The only thing weird about her is her mother who is a stoner with a weird boyfriend who smells and has holes in his pants where there definitely shouldn't be any holes. Yet one night, Aspen made a mistake that changed her life forever.
She was involved with a fatal car crash. She lived with only a cast and a scar as a reminder of the incident. The other driver died. She was a popular girl who was a known partier. Aspen could never replace a girl like that and it seems as if Katelyn won't let her forget it. With Katelyn's ghost haunting her, Aspen has to deal with newfound popularity as well as coming to terms with what happened that night and who Katelyn really was.
I really liked this book! It was fun and entertaining. It made me laugh out loud at some points and it was so humorous. Many books deal with heavy stuff like this book did, but unlike other authors, Crane made this book enjoyable and easy to relate to.
Crane did a fabulous job at writing in a teenager's view. Aspen was a very relatable character and Crane wasn't trying too hard to make her think like a teenager. She just let Aspen develop on her own and Crane did an amazing job. I really felt like I was in a teenager's mind in this book and as Aspen experienced things in the book, I felt like I was experiencing them along with her. I could realte with her like with her hating her hair and how she doesn't particulariy like popularity. Aspen was a smart aleck and she made some witty remarks I wish I could make in real life.
Crane made this book very believable. It wasn't paranormal really except for Katelyn's specter hanging around, but she wasn't really a ghost. Aspen's pain and guilt seemed to conjure up this figure that basically tormented Aspen until she could admit the truth. The story felt very real and as if it could happen in real life.
The other characters weren't see-through and boring. They all had their distinct personalities and their faults. The romantic interest wasn't some perfect guy with abs. He had his own imperfections and doubts which made him feel very real. Crane's detail throughout the book created very lifelike images in my mind while I read. I really liked her attention to detail and how she essentially created emotions that traveled through the characters into me until I felt like I was actually Aspen.
The story flowed beautifully and I absolutely loved it. I will definitely read it again and again. This was a fun book that hit some difficult points some authors don't dare to elaborate on. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is in the need for an awesome book!

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