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Review on Autumn

Everyone has heard about werewolves. Especially after Twilight. Who wouldn't want a werewolf to imprint on you and treat you like a goddess? Would you consider being a werewolf a blessing or a curse? You can be super strong and powerful, but you might not be able to transform when you transform. What if your family is cursed to become a werewolf whenever a son turns eighteen? What if instead of becoming a werewolf, you become a werecoyote? But you can't become human again. You're stuck on two legs for the rest of your life. Do you get what I'm going at? If you are, then you must have read Autumn by Sierra Dean. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, read the book!

Autumn (Dog Days #1)

Format: Paperback/e-book
Pub. Date: June 12th, 2013
Cooper Reynolds's life is going to the dogs... literally.

As if being a high school senior in a small Texas town wasn't hard enough, Cooper has bigger things to worry about than who he'll take to prom and whether or not the Poisonfoot Padres will win homecoming. He has less than a year before his eighteenth birthday, when a curse placed on his family will doom him to live in coyote form forever.

The last thing he needs to complicate his already messed-up life is a girl, but fate has other plans in mind for him when it brings Eloise "Lou" Whittaker to Poisonfoot. She's grouchy, sarcastic and has no love for her new Texas home, but she might be exactly the right person to help Cooper break the curse.

The clock is ticking, and Cooper will have to decide if he's willing to let Lou in on his dirty little secret before it's too late.

My rating: 5 out of 5 coyotes!
My recommendation: Anyone who likes books about curses.
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Lou is a typical teenager who is being forced to move from California to the middle of nowhere, but the reason for leaving is depressing. Her father just died and Lou's mother decided to move in with Lou's grandmother to save money. Lou didn't want to leave her home, her father, and all her friends. Lou thought that Poisonfoot would be boring and nothing exciting would happen. Who knew that moving would turn her whole life upside down.
Cooper is ostracized at school. He doesn't have any friends and people bully him at times. Yet he's okay with that. He knows that everyone has a reason to hate him. He knows the inevitable would happen. But what he didn't know was that Lou moving to Poisonfoot would change his whole life. Lou might be the only one who can break the curse. There are some people, however, who don't want this curse to be broken.
I absolutely loved this book! It was amazing and that cliffhanger at the end is leaving me dying for me. It had the perfect amount of action, romance, and the feels. I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was interesting the whole time and there wasn't a dull moment.
Lou was very funny and sarcastic. I loved her sense of humor and how she never took orders from anyone. Even when her own grandmother told her to stay away from Cooper, Lou just knew she had to stay by his side no matter what. She didn't care what other people thought of her. Her friends disapproved of her nickname and tried to think of a more feminine one for her, but Lou never wanted to change it, even if it made her more popular. She didn't care about popularity or what would happen to her status at school if she hung out with Cooper. Lou just wanted to be with Cooper and she didn't care what anyone said.
Cooper was awesome too. He wasn't a typical bad boy guy with a lot of baggage. He doesn't brood and mope about himself. He accepted what would happen to him and he was fine with whatever people said about him. All the insults went over his head as he waited for his fate to come. Instead of closing himself off, he wanted to live his life to the fullest. He didn't quit the football team because no one cheered for him. He just wanted to help his team even though everyone hated him.
The relationship between Cooper and Lou was cute. They started off friends without any insta-love. Their interactions and conversations were sweet, just how they are with regular teenage couples.
The ending was kinda confusing, but I'm okay with it as I'm sure the other books will explain more. The ending was a tad abrupt, but it made me want to instantly read the next book.
I really felt for Cooper and I felt so bad for him. He accepted his fate, but I felt bad as he went through school with no one liking him, without any friends.
The book is intriguing and entertaining. The ending was definitely unexpected and I can't wait to read the sequel!

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