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Review on Dead Silent

Who here loves a good mystery? A killer is on the loose. The police do nothing except sit around. Only the main character and his/her lover can find the killer before the main character becomes the next victim. This storyline has been used so many times, but it's interesting to see what authors do to create twists no one expects. Can you predict who the killer is and be right most of the time? Have all those detective shows been worthwhile? Well, read Dead Silent by Sharon Jones to see just how good you are at predicting the truth.

Dead Silent (Poppy Sinclair, #2)

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: February 6th, 2014
A snow angel etched in blood. An elite society. A secret dying to get out.

The second Poppy Sinclair Thriller.

When Poppy Sinclair and her boyfriend visit snowy Cambridge, she doesn't expect to discover the body of a student - arms outstretched in the act of smearing bloody angel wings on the chapel's floor.

Suddenly, Poppy is faced with the possibility that the one closest to her heart might be the one committing the most malicious of crimes.

Dodging porters and police, dreading what she might find, Poppy follows the clues left by a murderer bent on revenge...

Long-hidden secrets are chillingly revealed, an avenging angel seeks forgiveness and red-hot vengeance must be quelled in the amazing new Poppy Sinclair thriller.

My rating: 4 out of 5 angel wings!
My recommendation: Anyone who loves a good mystery!
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Poppy and her boyfriend are visiting Cambridge where her boyfriend is taking a couple classes there. Poppy decides to visit her father that she barely ever talks to, but what makes the trip worthwhile is that Poppy can go into Michael's room any time she wants. The main purpose of this trip is for Poppy to finally gain the courage to have sex with Michael.
The simple vacation quickly changes when a dead body is found and Poppy's father is the main suspect for the murder. Poppy found the body in the chapel, but the murderer played with the body. The murderer smeared the victim's blood on the floor to make it seem as if the victim had bloody angel wings.
Poppy has to figure out who is committing the murders before the bodies begin piling up and she possibly becomes the next victim. Yet when secret societies are involved, who knows who the killer really is.
This book seemed better than Dead Jealous, especially with the bond between Poppy and Michael. You could really get into the relationship between the two and I could tell just how much Michael adores Poppy. Their relationship was strong and the bond between them was unbreakable. Even through the tension in their relationship, they never gave up on each other and supported each other no matter what.
The mystery of this book was intriguing and kept me wondering the whole time. I could never figure out who the actual killer was which is what a good thriller should do. It was also interesting with the secret societies and what Poppy's father had to do with the murders.
The ending surprised me which is really rare for a mystery novel. Usually you would have already guessed the murderer and everything ties in quite nicely, but not in this book. The ending was messy yet enthralling and I loved it.
It got a little weird for me when the book delved into the paranormal. I wasn't expecting it at all so when the paranormal arrived, I was a bit confused over it. Poppy continuously made bad decisions, but considering how often she encountered the dead bodies, I would certainly act like her! No teenager is perfect, but Poppy never gave up and let someone else try and fail to solve the murders. She didn't give in and she would do anything to prove her father innocent, even though they had a strained relationship.
While it was slow at times, especially in the beginning, the ending more than made up for it. I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens to Poppy next.

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