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Review on The See-Through Leopard

How many of you have a pet? It could be a cat, a dog, even a little goldfish. Personally, my favorite animal is a cat and that's part of the reason I picked up a specific book to read. The book I read talked about cats. But they weren't your regular cats. No, they were the big cats. The lions. The leopards. The cats that can injure you severly all while being extremely cute. This book helps raise awareness on poaching and endangered species so I hope you read this book!
I read... The See-Through Leopard by Sibel Hodge

The See-Through Leopard

Format: Paperback/ e-book
Pub. Date: August 29th, 2013
From bestselling and award winning author, Sibel Hodge, comes a inspirational coming of age novel...

Most sixteen-year-old girls are obsessed with their looks, but Jazz Hooper's obsessed for a different reason. After a car accident that kills her mum, Jazz is left with severe facial scars and retreats into a dark depression.

Fearing what will happen if Jazz doesn't recover, her dad makes a drastic decision to move them from England to a game reserve in Kenya for a new start. And when Jazz finds an orphaned leopard cub, it sets off a chain of events that lead her on a two year journey of discovery, healing, and love.

“A percentage of the royalties from the sale of this book will be contributed to Panthera, a leading international conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s big cats, plus other wildlife conservation groups.” -- Sibel Hodge, Author.

My rating: 5 out of 5 leopards!
My recommendation: Anyone who loves animals or the adventure of growing up.
My review:
My copy was provided to me by Netgalley.
Jazz was a regular teenage girl who cared only about her looks and guys, but after a terrible car accident that killer her mother, all Jazz cares about is hiding herself. This accident left her with terrible facial scars and she had to suffer through the humiliation of people talking about her openly. She withdrew in herself, regarding herself as a freak, ashamed of herself and her appearance. Her father decided to move to Kenya, hoping the move would help Jazz realize her self-worth.
Yet the move seemed to do the opposite effect by making Jazz withdraw even further. But one fateful day, Jazz found a starving leopard cub whose mother was just killed by poachers. Jazz sees herself in the cub and decides to attempt the two-year struggle of raising a leopard while realizing what she looks like isn't important with the help of her friends and the cub she considers her best friend.
I loved this book. It was so heartfelt and amazing. I felt so bad for Jazz who got picked up unstop for her appearance. She tried to hide from her troubles by concealing her face and avoiding people, but Jazz just needed to find a way to life again, to live a worthwhile life.
This book was all about raising the cub, Asha, while helping Jazz learn to grow. An important message was broadcasted throughout the whole book. This message helped me realize the chaos poaching causes. The author included so much information that really helped me understand the issue and it made me want to help the animals that are captured and murdered, some even alive when parts of their body are removed.
Jazz had to realize how hard it is to be a mother, to love something so much that you had to let it go. While realizing this, Jazz finally accepted her mother's death and began to move on.
I really liked the relationship between Jazz and the cub. They felt a connection between each other and the author was excellent in describing how to re-wild a wild cat and how both Jazz and Asha loved each other very much.
The ending made me cry, especially the speech Jazz made at the end. It was so empowering, so full of emotion that tied in with poaching and with Jazz's own life. It just filled me with emotion and made me cry.
This book was a heartfelt, amazing story that tugs on the heart. Jazz dealt with overcoming her fears, accepting herself, growing up, and coming of age all while trying to help a cub grow up without a mom, just like Jazz had to do. Jazz was so strong and confident. I loved her and this book so much.
If you're an animal lover or someone who wants to know more about the terrible deeds poachers have done and are still doing today, read this book!

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