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Review on I Kill the Mockingbird

Who has ever gotten a dreaded summer reading list in school? Books that you have to read over the summer. Most students just read the SparkNotes and never read the books. Some watch the movie versions. Only a few students actually read the books and fewer actually enjoy the books. I read To Kill a Mockingbird when I was a freshman and I didn't particularly enjoy it. Maybe it was because I had to read it for school or maybe it was because it's a classic book. But now, I want to read it again. Now it sounds interesting and awesome. I mean, who enjoys a book when you're forced to read it?
Well, in I Kill the Mockingbird by Paul Acampora, three students try to spread the word of how awesome To Kill a Mockingbird is by starting a revolution.

I Kill the Mockingbird

Format: Hardcover/ e-book
Pub. Date: May 20th, 2014
When Lucy, Elena, and Michael receive their summer reading list, they are excited to see To Kill A Mockingbird included. But not everyone in their class shares the same enthusiasm. So they hatch a plot to get the entire town talking about the well-known Harper Lee classic. They plan controversial ways to get people to read the book, including re-shelving copies of the book in bookstores so that people think they are missing and starting a website committed to “destroying the mockingbird.” Their efforts are successful when all of the hullabaloo starts to direct more people to the book. But soon, their exploits start to spin out of control and they unwittingly start a mini revolution in the name of books.
My rating: 5 out of 5 mockingbirds!
My recommendation: Anyone who likes To Kill a Mockingbird
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Lucy is a girl about to start high school who has a mother that just defeated cancer. Her life should be filled with joy, but she stills worries about her mother who she fears will relapse from not taking care of herself properly. Lucy doesn't want to lose the mother she just got.
As well as dealing with family problems, Lucy is starting to have feelings for her best friend Michael who she has been friends with for years. How can you risk a friendship that has been around for years all on some feelings that may or may not disappear?
But the main focus of this book is on the summer reading list Lucy, Michael, and Lucy's friend Elena receive to read over the summer. Their old English teacher, Fat Bob, died awhile ago and it was always his goal to make only To Kill a Mockingbird be on his summer reading list. He thought that when you read this book, it will truly teach you how to read and comprehend fully.
Yet when Fat Bob died, Lucy's new teacher put numerous books on the list and to most of the students, To Kill a Mockingbird is just another book to watch the movie it's based on. Lucy wants to honor Fat Bob by encouraging students to read To Kill a Mockingbird and that is where the I Kill the Mockingbird Revolution began.
To get people to read the books, Lucy and her friends travel all over the state to hide copies of the books and they leave a calling card at each site. They want to create popularity of the book. If the book is missing, more and more people will want to read it. Soon, others are doing their own book terrorism and it all gets out of hand for Lucy. All she wanted was to help Fat Bob's dream, but the Revolution had taken over.
This book was definitely original. As well as dealing with the summer reading list, Lucy has to deal with much more than a regular eighth grader has to deal with. Even when everything was hard for Lucy, she never gave up and she focused on her mission throughout it all.
The book was alive with emotion, from Lucy's determination to her confusion over her feelings. She wants her mother to be safe while her mother wants to live. She might or might not like Michael who might just think of her as a friend.
I can't describe in words how I felt about this book. It was just empowering and amazing. I love how Lucy inspired people to read, inspired people to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. This book was funny and sweet, filled with emotions and jam packed with action.
What I love more than reading is books about people who love reading. I love how the author made characters who care so much about books that they don't care about the trouble they'll be in. They just want to spread their love over books to people all over the world. They want to share the worlds create, the joy that books bring to everyone who dares to read.

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