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Review on Til Death

Have any of you had a dream where you predicted a future? I'm sure all of you have had one of those moments when you had deja vu and felt as if you had already experienced a moment in time. What if you had already went through something before? You could have had a dream where you got an A on a paper and the next day you get a paper back at school with a big fat A written on it. Could it have been a coincidence? Or are we all just a little bit psychic?
I read... Til Death by Kate Evangelista!

Til Death (Fractured Souls #1)

Format: Paperback/e-book
Pub. Date: March 4th, 2014
Sixteen-year old Selena Fallon is a dreamer. Not a day-dreamer, but an I-see-the-future kind of dreamer. Normally this is not a problem as she has gotten pretty good at keeping her weird card hidden from everyone in her small town. Except from her best friend Kyle and her grandparents, of course. But when Selena dreams of her own rather bloody death, things get a little too freaky even for her.

Enter Dillan Sloan. Selena has seen the new guy in a different dream, and he is even more droolworthy in person. Beyond the piercing blue eyes and tousled dark hair, there is something else that draws her to him. Something…electric. Unfortunately, Dillan makes it more than clear that he does not feel the same. They just met, so why would he act like he hates her?

When Dillan and Selena are forced together one weekend to work on a school project, Selena prepares to be ignored as usual. But when she stumbles across a few undead in the backyard, Dillan comes to her rescue and reveals a whole lot more. Not only is he part of a society that hunts otherworldly creatures…she is too. And she is being targeted by a force bigger and darker than anything she ever imagined. Despite her death dream, Selena is not going to give up easy, especially when she discovers that Dillan might not actually hate her after all.

My rating: 4 out of 5 dreams!
My recommendation: Anyone who likes books about psychics and secret societies!
My review:
My copy was provided by Netgalley.
Selena has always known she's different because she has dreams that predict the future. Now, sometimes she dreams can be good, but other times they're useless. But then one day Selena dreams of her own, bloody death. She can't hide her weirdness from her small town after she learned of her own death. Selena doesn't know when it's gonna happen, but it could happen at any time, anywhere.
Around the time Selena predicts her death, she meets the new guy at school named Dillan. The new guy is hot and Selena might be more than a little interested in him, but he absolutely hates her guts for absolutely no reason. He knows something about the dreams and for them to figure out more about this dark force hunting down Selena, they must work together, no matter how much either of them dreads or looks forward to.
This book was original with fresh ideas. I enjoyed how different it was and it kept me entertained the whole time. The writing style improved throughout the book and I liked how while the story developed, the author developed as well.
I enjoyed the different levels of supernatural creatures, the hierarchy of them all. The idea of a secret organization that hunts and kills supernatural creatures sounds interesting and something I haven't read before. I would have liked to know more about the Illuminari. I feel as if I never learned exactly what its purpose is and the reasons behind the creation of the secret society.
What I didn't like in the book was how most of it was all romance and fluff. At first, the book sounded interesting as I wanted to know more about this death-vision and what Dillan had to do with it. But most of the beginning was all about the sparks that flew between Selena and Dillan and how much Dillan hated her.
Selena was an okay character to me. She was somewhere between a Mary Sue and a bad-ass. I didn't like Dillan at all. He seemed like a total cliché. He was the new guy at school and his parents and himself were slightly famous. All the girls fawned over themselves except for Selena. The romance seemed easily predictable and not really original.
I think younger teens will enjoy this book. It's right up their alley with the bad-boy, the supernatural, and the romance. I just didn't really like Dillan and how the romance overwhelmed the book. I needed more of a plot, more of a story than what was provided though I do like how some bits and pieces of the book managed to surprise a couple of times.

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