Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Continuation of In My Mailbox Take 2.5!

Hey, my peeps! As the title above might suggest, this is a continuation of my In My Mailbox on Sunday. You see, I just got a ton of books at the library (20 and counting!) and I just couldn’t wait to list them all for you guys. They are all amazing books; I can’t wait to start reading! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

When it happens- Susane Colasanti- I need romantic comedy right now!
Kisses and Lies- Lauren Henderson- Hot guys and mysteries. What more do you want? I just had to get the whole series.
Kiss Me Kill Me- Lauren Henderson
Kiss in the Dark- Lauren Henderson-
Kiss of Death- Lauren Henderson-
Damned- Nancy Holder- I got the sequel! Yay!
Betrayals- Lilli St. Crow- Need to finish up this series. Still needs more romance, maybe these books will up it up a bit.
The Reckoning- Lilli St. Crow-

The Dark Divine- Bree Despain- I remember reading this kind of, but I need a refresher. Daniel sounds hot!
Nightshade- Andrea R. Cremer- I freaking love the covers! Werewolves beat vampires any day!
Deadly Little Games- Laurie Stolarz- Third book in the series, if you haven’t read the other books before, read it!
Walk of the Spirits- Richie Tankersley Cusick- Ghosts, spirits, hot guys, oh my! A must read for a rainy night.
Shadow Mirror- Richie Tankersley Cusick- I got the sequel too!
Rampant- Diana Peterfreund- Unicorns, now they may sound rather stupid, but in these two books they kill unicorns! Besides, zombies beat unicorns any day!
Ascendant- Diana Peterfreund- I gut the sequel too!
Possessions- Nancy Holder- Boarding schools and ghosts. What else is so cliché? Not a lot of romance, but yet again, another good book for late night rainy day reading.
The Evil Within- Nancy Holder- Sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Lost Saint- Bree Despain- Sequel to the Lost Divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swoon- Nina Malkin- This book is soooo good! (Note: contains graphic writing, but doesn’t actually describe many things. Talks about “it” a lot. Only for older teens unless you think you’re mature enough!
Delirium- Lauren Oliver- I have no idea why I never finished this book. I love the author! I can’t wait to start reading it again!!!!!
Moonlight- Rachel Hawthorne- Part of a whole Dark Guardian series which you should definitely read. Once again, werewolves beat vampires in my book!


  1. OMG. You got so many great books. I hope you enjoy all your new books. Great haul. Come check out my goodie bag/IMM....

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  2. So many reads, love the library! I can't wait for the newest one in the Touch series by Stolarz!
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  3. Wow...just...wow! Amazing mailbox!! I loved Nightshade!

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  4. Oh wow epic mailbox!! I still have to pick up Delirium and Nightshade too!

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  5. Wow! Epic Haul! Hope you'll enjoy Delirium. It was amazing.
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    A Beautiful Madness